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can i grow marijuana in a fish tank

fuck...o well ima give it a try tho,anyways if i put foil on all 4 sides and on the bottem and keep the take between 65-75 you think tell grow????
Tiberon can do it.

Its called hydroponics.
Im not going into all the details on it because its not my specialty. There are better suited members in the hydro forum that help better.
But in a nutshell.....
You control the level of the water and the nutes that are being  used by the plant.

You dont need drainage. You need to supply oxygen to the roots and the water.

You need to do more research on hydro....which is probably a pretty good home for this thread as well.
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Steve O
well what i plan to do this season is jog one of my plants in a 5 gallon tank. i got the dirt all set up, i think it should be fine. i took a shitload of clean rocks and put them in the bottom of the tank. you should have plenty of shit if you had fish. just rinse off those little pebbles and shit, put some small ass rocks down there, and put dirt on top of it. it'll work for a while, but not permanent.

for extra oxygen, someone had mentioned about putting an airstone by your roots and pump air into the dirt. you should also have an airpump and i'm sure an airstone too. just hook up the airstone so that it's in the basic "middle"
around the roots, and you should have oxygen.

give it a try, i'd hate for you to have killed that fish for nothing.

Bill Budman

Convert an aquarium into a simple hydroponic system. The plants are suspended on a floating Styrofoam platform. This system is popular for classrooms because the roots of the plants are visible hanging below the floating platform.

Materials Required:

AQUARIUM - Any water tight container with fairly vertical sides will work. Light breaks down the nutrient solution and encourages algae growth so if you us an aquarium you will need to construct a light shield out of cardboard or aluminum foil to keep light out of the reservoir (aquarium). If you wish to view the roots make the light shield (or part of it) removable.

FLOATING PLATFORM - You will need a piece of Styrofoam 1 1/2" to 2" thick. Cut Styrofoam to fit loosely inside the aquarium (or whatever you are using for a reservoir).

PLASTIC CUPS - Use several small plastic or Styrofoam cups to hold the plants on the floating platform. (NOTE: We usually use Solo brand 3oz. plastic bathroom cups, but you can use any small plastic cup as long as it has tapered sides).

GROWING MEDIUM - You will need a small amount of growing medium, enough to fill the plastic cups. (NOTE: The Professor recommends using Perlite or a perlite / Vermiculite mix for the growing medium).

AIR PUMP AND AIR STONE - You need to use an air pump and airstone to oxygenate the nutrient solution. A regular air pump designed for an aquarium is all that is required.

HYDROPONIC FERTILIZER * - A good quality hydroponic fertilizer is required, regular "dirt" fertilizers do not contain essential "micro-nutrients". For more information about the differences in hydroponic and "dirt" fertilizers CLICK HERE.

pH TEST KIT * - You will need some way of checking and adjusting the pH of your nutrient solution.

*Note: Simply Hydroponics and Organics has an inexpensive "Starter kit" that consists of quality hydroponic fertilizer, a liquid pH test kit (good for hundreds of tests) two bottles of liquid pH adjuster (1 pint pH up, 1 pint pH down) and Instructions. CLICK HERE for additional information.


Cut the Styrofoam float to fit the reservoir. Cut the float a little smaller than the opening so that it won't bind up when the water level changes.

Cut the holes in the float to the proper size for the plastic cups that you are using, you want the bottoms of the cups to hang below the bottom of the float but not fall through. (NOTE: We usually use Solo brand 3oz. plastic bathroom cups, these require a 1 7/8" to 2" hole.

Cut several holes (aprox. 1/8"  to 1/4" dia.) in the bottom of your plastic cups. Add growing medium to the cup (NOTE: if the growing medium falls out through the holes you can put a small piece of fiberglass window screen or small piece of cloth over the holes before adding the growing medium. For more information about Growing Mediums.

Plant your seedling, rooted cutting or seed in the growing medium.

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